Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I love food, if I could eat all day long I would. I am 100% italian and could eat pasta every day for the rest of my life and it could never get old. I've grown up around italian food which is why I think it is my favorite. For a long time, I only ate foods that I was familiar with, but that soon came to end once I traveled the country. There were so many new foods to try I definitely branched out, who would have know alligator taste so good?! However, while watching the video with the rats, it became a little hard to watch just knowing that they were eating rats, however if I were there with those men in that culture, I probably would have tried it just so I would know what they were experiencing. The world changes once you try new things and open your mind. Unfortunately, I think I draw my line at tarantulas… I would not be able to keep that down. I've tried grasshoppers, alligators, guinea pig, i've even tried a pig eyeball before, but I would not even attempt to eat a tarantula. And ohmygoodness, while watching the video of the 190 pound burger I was in shock because that is just ridiculous, I do not under stand the need for that. I have never liked ground beef, therefore I never enjoyed burgers, however I've eaten them even though I did not like them and now I do not mind eating them, I guess that is the mere exposure effect, I ate burgers repeatedly and grew to enjoy the taste. I enjoyed this lecture because i found it very interesting because i could relate to a lot of it. For instance, when I am stressed I don't eat, when I'm sad i don't eat, however when I'm bored it's almost like I can't stop eating!

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