Sunday, August 3, 2014

Endurance Section 1. Chapters 1-8

Okay I must admit, I judged this book by the cover and assumed that I would not enjoy it but fortunately I was wrong! To my surprise I thoroughly enjoyed Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage and parts of this book have certainly left me in awe. It is a very inspiring book because these men have gone through so much hardship and they still remain positive and did not lose their faith even in terrible circumstances and severe weather which is unbelievable. It was truly inspiring how the crew on the ship stuck together like a team despite the fact that everyone on the ship was aware that the ship was going to go down. They were fighting for their lives while also still determined to complete what they had originally set out to do even with the daunting worry of never returning which is amazing in itself. These men have tried everything in their power and never once thought about giving up, not only that but they all remained positive and never lost site of hope throughout the entire year while they were stuck. The fact that this book is based on a true story is even more mind-blowing because it holds even more significance and I applaud those men to the highest degree. They remained persistent and did not give up no matter what was thrown at them and I find that remarkable. Throughout section one I really enjoyed the fact that Lansing personified the ship as a human and gave the ship emotions, that helped bring the feel of the book to life and held a much more powerful meaning in my opinion. To sum up, the entire crew never lost their will to survive and were motivated to make their situation better in any way they could and that is what was so important. 

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