Thursday, August 7, 2014


I thought the slides about food were eye-opening. Being that I am puerto rican, and in my culture we take food extremely seriously, these slides made a lot of sense. In puerto rican culture we believe that a baby will begin to like certain foods based on what the mother ate while pregnant with him or her. It is also common in my culture to have mothers eat certain food and that will be the basis of the babies sex. As ridiculous as this may sound to people from around here, it is common nature in puerto rico to believe such things. I found an article that actually disproves the things I just have mentioned. After reading and learning about this myth, I tried to explain to my family in puerto rico about the truth and they did not want to believe. It is unreal how accustomed they have become to believe the myths to be true. My family in puerto rico have without a doubt, food neophobia. They are so comfortable with there food and the way it is prepared that they will not eat certain dishes if it not prepped the same way that they are used to. I never saw this as an actual phobia until I read the slides about food. Do any of your families have similar traditions?

This is the article that disproves the myths.

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