Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Endurance Parts 1-3

I normally assume that I will hate most books I need to read for school. When I found out Endurance was a historical novel, I got excited because novels are more interesting than textbooks! I also love history so I knew I would enjoy reading an authentic account of something that happened so many years ago.

The strength of the men in this book, especially Shackleton, was so impressive to me. They weren't going to get paid a lot and they knew it would be a treacherous journey, but they wanted to join the expedition in order to have an adventure and explore an uncharted land. Shackleton was such a great leader because he didn't let his men see him worry. He knew there was a high chance that many would perish once the ship was destroyed, but he still displayed strength and kept the hope of his men up. Without him, I think that the men would've given up all chances of survival.

I was surprised that all of the men on the expedition lived. They were living on ice with few supplies, but they made it through months of freezing cold. I had never heard of the Endurance or its crew in any history classes, so I am glad I got the chance to learn about them for this course.

What is your favorite or least favorite part of the book? My least favorite is when they were killing the dogs and cat. I know it was something they had to do, but I didn't like reading about it!

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