Wednesday, August 6, 2014


A reward is often given as a form of reinforcement, however every time you do something you will not always be rewarded, only sometimes. This is what will make you want to keep trying, this will motivate the desire to do something in hopes that you will be rewarded. Gambling is very popular and often very addictive because people love to win and love to be rewarded in any way for the most part. Reinforcement is not always continuous, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, and that is what makes it so thrilling. If you won every time you gambled, well it would no longer be gambling, and winning would no longer be winning. Reinforcers increase the likelihood of a behavior, and when we are reinforced with something we want and enjoy, we are most likely going to continue that behavior so we can be rewarded again. As for me, I am a waitress and when I am polite to my customers and treat them will with good service, they leave me a tip, and that is my reward for being a friendly server. That motivates me to work harder and pay close attention to all of my customers' needs.

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  1. Alexandra,

    I completely agree! Rewards are only good if you do not get them all the time. One must keep moving forward for the chance of a reward, because like you said nothing is guaranteed. People forget this and easily become unmotivated which is a huge issue even in college. Sometimes you just have to keep pushing and if you do not see results right away just means you have to work harder!