Friday, July 31, 2020

Reproduction Vs Happiness


            Reproducing is the involved behavior of intercourse to create life from a humanistic perspective. This behavior is also described as falling in love and building a family. This allows our species to continue to live in this world from generation to generation. However, many people mate with each other, but everyone is looking for specific qualities and traits. Some not all women look for a men to mate and to build more financial stability in their life. There was an experiment that they compare 2 men's, one with higher economic status of an estimate of $373,000 a year and not attractive traits at all. And one with physically attractiveness traits and made an estimate of $27,000 a year. These numbers made an impact on there score from different random women. The guy who made more money was given a 10/10 and the other guy 4/10.

This research shows that money is a contributor to how attractive is a person. However, in my perspective sometimes the guy who makes less money is not where he is meant to be yet. So, 2 people could work together to build a better future for them and their children. So, before looking at these digits, reason and think "is he really the right person for me?' because choosing the wrong person could be the biggest mistake of your life. The right choices are choosing someone you willing to be with for the rest of your life, and not the illusion of the life you could have with the money that is not yours.

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  1. I believe that some people are willing to spend the rest of their life with someone just because they have money. In these cases, money might be more of a priority in the relationship than love is. What makes someone authetically happy is different for everyone. Also, just as someone might choose a partner and take the risk of building a financial future together, someone might choose a partner based off financial security and take the risk of hoping they will fall in love.