Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Addictions and Caffeine

Reading over the lecture notes on addictions, it explained about psychoactive drugs which are chemical substances that alter mood and behavior. There was a list of some examples and one that caught my eye was caffeine. I never thought it would fall under this category however it's highly used in the world so I could understand why. Perfect example is how coffee helps with energy and feeling more alert throughout the day , however it can be VERY addicting. Too much of it can definitely have some effects on the body so its always important to balance your diet and not go overboard. 


  1. Deanna, My co-workers and I just recently had a discussion about coffee and the effect of caffeine. Now I have coffee, iced coffee from Dunkin donuts once a week at best. My co-workers have coffee everyday. One of my co-workers just drink espresso. Another one of my co-workers stated he drinks red bull instead of coffee. We then became to talk about, the shakes you get after having to much caffeine and who has experienced it. My co-workers who drink red bull said about 4 red bulls makes his heart want to explode. Red bull has 111mg of caffeine when coffee has 95mg. So my question is, should red bull and other caffeine products be easily bought?

  2. I found this very interesting too. Caffeine is very addictive and it's true that it can have effects on the body when someone has too much of it or none at all. When people who consume caffeine a lot on the daily consider one day not to have any, one affect is that they start to get headaches and then go consume it to feel better.