Wednesday, July 29, 2020

post 2 self control

Self control is something many people lack but can earn. For example when I was young, I had no self control over sweets. Every time that I would see a cookie on the counter or chocolate bars stashed away, I had to eat them. Today, I have now developed self control and quickly trained myself to resist the unhealthy snacks. It began simply with eating a banana or other piece of fruit whenever I was craving a cookie or chocolate which then conditioned my brain to crave fruit whenever I was craving something sweet. Self control is also very important when it comes to daily activities such as work or school. Whenever you choose to do homework instead of hanging with friends you are using self control, just as you use it when making it to work on time instead of being late for stopping for that wawa coffee. We use our own self control every day more than we realize and learning how to maintain self control will benefit your overall health and wellbeing.  Eating too many cookies will cause me to gain weight, hanging out with friends instead of doing homework will cause you to receive a bad grade, and being late to work too many times can end with you losing your job. The most influential piece of having self control is the fear of the side effects that can arise from the lack of control. By having your own self discipline you can succeed faster and farther in so many aspects of your life.

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