Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Post 3- Self Control

    Self Control and Willpower plays a big part in people's lives. Willpower plays a part in food, work, hanging out with friends, etc. Some people have no self control when it comes to food. Some people will eat sweets daily and it will effect their health while others can have willpower and have maybe sweets once or twice a week as a cheat meal and live a healthier life style. Me being a college athlete I need to have self control when it comes to my diet. I have to be smart in the choices I make to eat while I see other people eating foods that I want badly. For example before a baseball game or workout I won't eat fried food because will cause my performance to be sluggish. I have willpower and choose to eat a salad or sandwich before a game so I see a better performance during my game. Another example could be if a person is a recovering alcoholic and goes to a club or out to eat with friends and one friend orders a beer. The recovering alcoholic needs to have Willpower and not relapse and enjoy the the night without alcohol. This all stems from the psychological mind also. 

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