Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Post #2 The Value of a mate

On the slide of reproduction, it states a term, "mate value" which is one person's characteristics  that makes him or her describe to another person as a partner. Ask yourself, what do you look for in a person who you might wanna date or mate with, if they are funny, caring, smart, or maybe you care about more psychical features like how thin they are, or how they look. I bring this up because the value of a mate is not only just a human thing, it happens all though the animal kingdom. Male animals, showing who is the best, who has the best characteristics to mate with. an example can be a male deers. Who use their antlers to fight other males to show their value to mate. So I ask, what do find that mate must have for you to be attracted to them, can it be their intelligence, how much they can lift, how good they can cook?  For me, I need someone who is empathic, who can express and show emotion.

Below is a video of deers fighting over dominance


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  1. Wow. I really enjoyed your post as your questions had my brain thinking in perspectives I never have. I had never really thought about the characteristics I look for in a mate; however, after being in a very bad relationship, I know everything that I am NOT looking for. Personally, I have many health issues to the point where I need help doing certain activities for everyday living. I suppose the characteristics I look for in a mate is someone who has a lot of energy to help me when I am weak, someone who is empathetic, someone who can excess emotions and pushes me to be the best person I can be. Also, I like how you compared the "mate value" of humans and animals as we are more similar than some people think. Great post!