Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Post 1- Rewards

    Rewards and reinforcements are helpful techniques that can be given to people of all ages for good behavior to help reach people's milestones. This all stems from motivation. For people to reach their goal they need to find some sort of motivation. This is where the positive and negative reinforcement comes into play. If you do something good which leads to you reaching your goal you reward yourself by something that pleasures you or that is enjoyable which helps conditions the mind. Rewards can be stickers, money, toys, food, etc. An example would be when parents potty train their children and for every time the child uses the bathroom correctly they get a sticker and once they fill up the sticker chart they get a bigger reward which is some sort of present. Using the reward system can even be applied to animals like dogs or cats. Doing this conditions the child's brain and after a while will become use to using the bathroom without rewards. This is why applying positive and negative reinforcements helps reach the overall goal. 
Operant conditioning and reinforcement (Psychology A-Level)

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