Saturday, July 18, 2020

Rewards and Motivation

Reward and reinforcement are important techniques to reach success and all desirable goals. Motivation is the ability to focuses in one direction that is convenient to oneself. All successful people have motivational behavioral and other qualities to reach their fullest potential.  A reward system also is known as positive or negative reinforcements are used to motivate the behavior to condition the mind and oneself do be more naturally successful in reaching goals and completing tasks. This can be done by rewarding yourself with things that are enjoyable and pleasurable to condition the mind to focus. The reward and reinforcements are important qualities because they condition the motivational behavior to be more structured to reach self-actualization.

One example would be studying for a test. During studying consume your favorite candy and when you finish studying do something you enjoy. You would find yourself more comfortable while studying because your consuming pleasure with studying making yourself enjoy studying. It is that simple. I enjoy eating super cholate cheesecake all the time after doing something good for myself, for example after the gym.  And if I receive a good grade for all the hard work, I will go out to celebrate these accomplishments. You are probably thinking, he celebrates just for getting an A in a test and not the entire class? Yes, I am overreacting to everything. So, if you want to go celebrate after getting an A+ in this class, then let us go celebrate! Anyone like wine simplifying?

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  1. Hi Jahaziel,

    I completely believe in a reward system, regardless of the age or reasoning! I think that a reward system is an amazing push to reaching your overall set goal. Whether it's with food, clothing, activities, whatever lights that match of yours and keeps you moving in life. For example, my previous job required making sales throughout your shift and as a motivational push, whoever reached a certain number/percentage, received commission ($$$) and a gift card to Starbucks. This most definitely kept all of the employees on their toes and eager to continue pushing their sales during each and everyone of their shifts.

    Great job!

    Rachel Ziegler