Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Post 1 Addiction

The word addiction is a very controversial word as many believe that addiction is a choice not a disease. I went to nursing school for three years and there are certain topics I had to study to be an expert on, addiction is one of them. I also work in Atlantic City hospital on the trauma unit so unfortunately, I deal with addicts on a daily basis. The most important point to make is that addiction is not only caused by "bad drugs". When a person consumes a drug time after time, your brain starts to depend on that drug leading you to addiction. A person can be addicted to simple over the counter medicines, psychoactive drugs, class 1 drugs, you can become addicted to nearly anything, even food. Caffeine is one of the highest addictive substances but because it is not a drug we do not see ourselves becoming addicted to it. Once a person becomes addicted to something it is very hard to break them from it as their mind is psychologically depended on this new substance. Addiction is a matter that I believe should be taken more seriously. I warn everyone to remember that addiction happens quickly and sometimes without even knowing. You can become addicted to unhealthy foods which can lead to obesity and even food addictions are hard to break. Addiction transforms the way your mind thinks, leading drug addicts down dark roads and uncontrollable harmful actions. Unfortunately, the addiction is ones blood runs stronger than any love of family or friends.


  1. Hello,
    I agree with everything you describe for addiction. The person becomes codependent from the substance after the substance becomes a habit. It becomes a dark rode because the person is on denial because the substances are giving the person the intense euphoric sensation. However, even though under the influence the person is felling super good and then long terms side affect start to increase. This happens because the body is trying to balances it self back to normal and since there is extra chemical reacting going on in the cerebral cortex, depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders are developed. Also, this is know as withdraw of substance, which is when the problems actually becomes more complicated. leading to the person to repeat the behavior becoming difficult to treat. BTW i find it interesting that you are a nurse and you involve in all that. Thank you for your pose. Spreading the positivism. Enjoy the rest of your day. :)

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed reading your post and all of the information you provided to help me understand drug addiction more. Drug addiction is such an important thing to know about. When reading through the power points I was honestly shocked to see that caffeine was the highest addictive substance

  3. Hi Gianna,

    Understanding addiction is very crucial especially during the times we are living where everyone is addicted to something. When it comes to substance abuse it is always very hard to accept addiction as a disease but having worked in the field I see the disease part of it. Addiction controls the mind in unimaginable ways and creates different chemical imbalances that effect ones entire system. There is a stigma attached to addiction therefore many people are scared to seek help whether it is for substance abuse, sex addiction, or even food addictions. Becoming familiar with such topics is essential especially if we are ever faced with these issues in our own family or circle of friends.