Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Selecting a Mate

I thought the lecture presentation on reproduction was very intriguing. It was interesting to learn the various parts that play a role into selecting a mate. I especially found the videos on the social behavior of attracting a mate fascinating, that people who are rated high with physical attractiveness hold out longer in selecting a mate, while those rater on the lower spectrum of physical attractiveness match up faster with people that are compatible. Also, how financial status of an individual often changes one’s interpretation of “attractiveness.” The link below is an article I found and describes similar traits on how individuals select a mate. The top factor described in the article is choosing/comparing love vs. resources.


  1. Julian I enjoy what you wrote and the article. I feel like its sort of funny. Like more attractive people do wait to find a mate, because they know their value, if your being told over and over your level of attractiveness your gonna hold yourself to a standard. On the other hand other with less level of attractiveness mostly likely just trying and find someone quick and become content. Although I think we should all hold ourselves to the highest standard regardless of physical attractiveness.

  2. I think its super interesting that the first factor of attraction that the article lists is exposure. This means, the more we are in contact with the person, or the more we spend time with the person, the greater the odds we will like the person. When I was young, I used to watch a show called Wizards of Waverly Place. This is where I was first introduced to this idea. Alex, the main character, wanted a boy to like her, so she made sure she was everywhere he was, even if she wasn't really interacting with him, at least he constantly saw her face. The boy eventually asked her out.

  3. I also agree with you about how interesting the mating process is. The lecture itself brought me back to middle school because the same video shown in the slide was the same video I saw in my health class. It's interesting to see that the mating process has not changes much since then. I was more so surprised how attractiveness fluctuated with financial stability, as I really did not think it accounted for such a big portion of attract-ability. Although the level of attractiveness matters, I do believe personality greatly impacts how attractive someone is to someone else.