Wednesday, July 29, 2020

    This video was very interesting and discussed how to break bad habits. Nir Eyal talks about how he handles bad habits. He used fitness as an example and how people train like experts to get fit but have an amateur behavior. Someone who is trying to get in shape might try to workout til they are in pain or do workouts that aren't their favorite, but later treat themselves since they did all of that. It doesn't really help someone fix a bad habit. 
    Nir Eyal has an idea of "progressive extremeism" where it might be a slower process but can be more effective. He used eating sweets as an example and how to cut back on them. He said you should pick a candy that you can easily give up but can't have it for the rest of your life.  Gradually you will overcome that and might want to add another candy to the list you can go without. He mentions how this could take weeks, months even years to master but it is definitely effective with breaking a bad habit. I could see how this could help someone change a behavior and motivate them to do better. 

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