Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Post 2- Addiction

    I found the lecture Addiction to be very interesting. Addiction can happen in many ways. A lot of people think addiction applies to only drugs, but it is way more than just drugs. Addiction can be caused from caffeine, alcohol, food, nicotine, gambling, etc. Once a person consumes a drug, nicotine, or caffeine and they like the way they feel after that one time is the starting point. If they really like how that one item makes them feel they will continue to do it. After a while they continue to do it it becomes hard to stop the habit because their mind send signals to the body saying they need more of it and that's how they become addicted. When a person smokes a cigarette because they say it helps them relieve stress is just the beginning of a constant cycle of consuming nicotine because they like it. Same thing goes with food and that's how people become obese. The psychological mind can be very hard to escape from because once you start something and like the way it feels your just going to wan more and more of. 
The Psychology of Addiction - The Freedom Center          

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  1. This was a very interesting read and the picture was very helpful towards understanding addiction. I think it is some what upsetting how little empathy people receive for having addiction issues in all aspects. This is a clear depiction of how addiction starts and that the brain becomes reliant on these things that can be abused.