Friday, July 31, 2020

Post #3 Are you what you eat?

In our class slides going over food, a few slides touch upon fat preference, how humans prefer fats in food, like ice cream and fast food. But as humans I believe we might prefer fats, but look at people who are vegan or vegetarian. When I was in high school in cooking class, we watched super size me. A documentary on Morgan Spurlock, a man who only ate McDonald meals for 30 days straight  Below I posted the documentary (yes its on you you tube and might gets some ads) But before he went on this diet, the man was vegan, so forcing his body to eat all those foods that it was not used to, caused him great pain. Now here is my question to all you fast food going out there. Do you think that eating fast food for 30 days can causes all theses problems? I know my body is not living the style of someone who is vegan so me eating a burger is not gonna kill me. Do you think this documentary was bias, why wouldn't a man who was vegan who know consumes vast amounts of fast food become ill. What are your thoughts?


  1. I have not seen the documentary, but I definitely believe that eating fast food for 30 days can cause a bunch of health issues. The fats in fast food are mostly saturated fats, and the human body has a hard time breaking down saturated fats. Also fast food has alot of synthetic ingredients like preservatives. A vegan is not used to having to break down chemicals. These chemicals can definitely cause chaos in the body. On another note, human body's were not created to consume a large amount of meat. Imagine we were alive thousands of years ago, during the hunter and gatherer times. Their diets consisted of mostly fruits and vegetables. Meat, of any sort, was a luxury. It was not easy to catch, and even when it was caught, it was shared and rationed between a whole tribe of people. So no one was getting a large amount of it. That is the way our body's are made to digest food for optimial health. But, our body's are also very adaptable, so if you are used to not eating like that and do not have any issues, you're body did a great job at adapting.

  2. Any food in too large a quantity can mess with your digestion, and cause problems. That being said, if you have been on a specific diet, and change it very suddenly and drastically, this can cause problems as well. Since this man did both it is no wonder he had many health issues. This is not to disprove fast foods are unhealthy, as a lot of fast food contains too much sugar and not enough actual food, which can be harmful if eaten to often. I think the man in the documentary was trying to prove a point, and went about it in the wrong way. So while your right and he was bias, I wouldn’t say he is wrong either since the experiment is flawed. You have some good points!