Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Sea meat, Buy it or let it be?

While reading our class book Edurance, Countless times the men *spoilers* run or get close to low food and need to hunt and kill to survive. One of those kills were Seals. So I did a little searching and found a website that shows you where to buy seal, who sells seal and how to cook it! The men would cut the seal into steaks, and use the fat to keep the stove lit.There is a big notice that states:

"*NOTE : Seadna Seal Charcuteries are currently available only in the province of Quebec."

So it looks like you can only buy seal in Quebec, the real question is, would you wanna eat seal? Me, I would try it, would I be like "oh man lets get some seal!"heck no!
The link below shows what each cut looks like, what is paired with, how it comes.


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  1. Hi Matthew,

    While reading the book "Endurance" I found it interesting how the men mainly hunted and killed seals in order to survive. I have never considered eating a seal before but I guess when you're stuck in a cold, wild environment you don't have many options! To answer your question, I would absolutely never eat seal by choice unless I was stranded in an environment like the men from the "Endurance" and that was the ONLY way to survive. As I stated before, it never crossed my mind that people actually eat and enjoy seal but I'm sure that's because I do not live anywhere close to that type of climate or mammals. I'm sure that people who live in The Arctic find it completely normal, just as we find eating cows to be a normal way to survive here. I googled the link that you provided for us in your post and I was surprised to learn that the way they prepare the seal is similar to a "fine beef filet mignon" taste in opposed to a "fishy" taste. I like how they provide different shapes for the seal meat: burgers, sausage, salami, rillettes, etc. That is definitely good to know if I ever get stranded in the Arctic!

    Great job on your post,

    Rachel Ziegler