Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Psychology of motivation

In this motivational video it explains the importance of accepting that you will fail. I feel that this is a huge piece in success and what a lot of successful people try to always express. We tend to be so taken back and start a negative mindset about ourselves whenever we fail. However, I don't think people realize how necessary and common it really is. Jack Ma explains how he himself failed over 30 times in the field that he is now making millions in. It shows you why he failed and what he needed to change in himself in order to succeed in the future. He also expresses the importance of doing whatever you decide to do in life for the happiness of others, not just yourself. In order to be successful you need to no only please yourself but please others. This is in order to be successful both financially and emotionally. If we are only making ourselves happy in our craft then what is the point? As stated, Jack Ma expresses the value in being rejected, change for the better, and importance of being consistent in what you wish to succeed in.

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  1. This was so motivational to watch! I 100% agree that failing can push someone to be better and it shouldn't make them feel bad about themselves. So many well known people are now successful by failing and learning through their journey and mistakes.