Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Michelle Obama's Speech

    Michelle Obama gives such an amazing ,motivational speech for students on who they want to be. She talks about how being put in hard situations will help you figure yourself out in the long run. She talked about how test scores don't prove anything about someone. She explains how she never looks at a person's grades or where they went to for school, but who they are as a person. I think this was very motivational and I think as college students this can definitely make you feel better about yourself and journey. 


  1. Wow! The speech given by Michelle Obama is a very powerful message. I am someone who has been through many different hardships and despite all the odds being against me, have pursued onwards to achieve great things. The speech really captivated a lot of emotion and definitely conveyed the message. I love listening to various motivational speakers to get in certain mindsets to achieve different goals. Thanks for sharing this Deanna!

  2. Hi Deanna,

    I couldn't agree more! We live in a society that judges us constantly and puts us in a box and expects us to perform based on those limited standards. Someone can have a very high IQ but does poorly on test simply because their learning style is different. Test are created and manipulated a certain way but everyone doesn't process information the same. Some individuals are visual learners while others are hands on. The school system is programed to function a certain way which leaves little room for creativity. We are all unique in every way and bring something fresh and new to the table. We can all learn from each other and grow.