Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Psychology of motivation

This video was extremely knowledgeable and eye opening towards tricking our brain into success with whatever goal we may be trying to achieve. It shows us the importance of balance in both life and in life goals that we try to go after. It gave a great example of what we should avoid when trying to succeed. It gave the example of what a lot of us tend to do when trying to achieve goals called the, "what the hell" effect. This is something I'm sure all of us are guilty of doing. They tested this theory by having three people cheat on their diet by drinking a large, medium and small milkshake. They then offered ice cream to the same people and found that the person who ate the most ice cream was the person that drank the large milkshake. This is because of the, "what the hell" effect insinuating that they already ate bad today, why not just continue this and start over tomorrow. It also spoke about what are brain does when we expect to much positivity in our goals and how we should recognize bumps in the road for achieving goals. Most people look at things such losing weight as a great and wonderful idea, we become motivated, workout for a month, then lose the motivation slowly and do not go and choose to start on January 1st of the next year. This video express's that it is most healthy to recognize that there will be days that we do not enjoy the gym and days that we do. This will eliminate the habit of thinking we have failed after a couple days of no motivation and giving up. Realize there is always going to be bumps in the road but we always have the choice to keep going!

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