Wednesday, July 29, 2020

post 3 reproduction- selecting a mate

Within the reproductive slides I learned something that I was not expecting, the value of a mate. Until this class, I never really thought about what to look for in a mate. Due to my previous bad relationship, I suppose I have only ever thought about what i do NOT want in a mate. I found the mate value inventory to be very interesting as it made me wonder if people really scale their future mate in this way. I could talk about this topic forever with how much I have learned but overall, everyone has their own attractiveness. For example, I can find a man attractive while my best friend does not, does this mean he is unattractive? Or is it that what my friend is looking for in a mate differs from my own desires. We are all made up of our own genetics which makes each of us unique. What do you look for in a mate? Personally I look for characteristics such as strength both mentally and physically to outweigh my own weaknesses, someone who is compassionate and affectionate who is always pushing me to do my best. Remember that it is normal to have different opinions and perspectives of people, just because your friend does not see your mate as a good one does not mean that he is in fact not a good mate for you but maybe has none of the specific characteristics your friend is looking for herself in a mate.


  1. Very interesting perspective and I could not agree with you more Gianna. I too have been in very bad relationships and since them, I only focused on what I do not want in a mate. Since viewing the slides, I have developed a more broad perspective on what I truly am looking for in a mate. I feel like I have become more educated about relationships through the slides and you brought up some excellent points!

  2. I really liked how you mentioned how you have looked for what you do NOT want. I don't think you are alone in that area as I have found this trait in myself. I also liked how you mentioned you may find someone attractive while your best friend does not. It's important how you mentioned that your best friend may just be looking for something else while searching for attractiveness in a mate.

  3. Selecting a mate was very interesting especially seeing how people in the experiment rated men with higher salaries at a higher scale. While guys that had a lower salary were rated lower in looks. Certain things are appealing to specific individuals such as the cars they drive, salary, attraction, and their potential to be good partners based on what they could bring into the relationship. The way our minds are wired to think and function is mind blowing.