Saturday, August 1, 2020



 Performance is the ability to increase focus and attention for an objective. The objective can be working out or studying for a test which both consist of how well the performances are. A person could increase performances by changing body chemistry also known as arousal. In the performance perspective, arousal is the ability to use chemicals and hormones in the body to increase the focus or attention of the performances. Some people do this by studying and eating candy, conditioning the body to become arouse with a reward system to retain more information efficiently. 

 The way I increase my performances at the gym is by listening to music that triggers an arousal state of mind, increasing my focus and attention in my objective for the day at the gym. The more arousal I give to my body, then the better is my performance. This is a psychological to physiological strategy use by many people for other objectives. Would you want to increase your performance? Then give what the body wants, condition the behavior, and you will see outstanding results.

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  1. That is a perfect example of a psychological to physiological strategy. As a college athlete I'm the say way at the gym for early morning workouts and before my my baseball games. I find that when I listen to my pregame music I focus more and get into a more competitive state of mind. I do see a better performance both at the gym and during a game when I hear songs that motivate me.