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Book Report- Grit

    In the book "Grit" by psychologist Angela Duckworth, is for anyone who wants to succeed. This book opens up your eyes and makes you discover the true qualities that lead to outstanding achievement and talks about winningly personal, insightful and powerful. Grit is a book about what goes through your head when you fall down, and how that not talent or luck makes all the difference. As Duckworth defines it, grit is passion and sustained persistence applied toward long term achievement with no particular concern for rewards or recognition along the way. It combines resilience, ambition, and self-control in the pursuit of goals that take months, years, or even decades.

    The secret to outstanding achievement does not come from talent, but it comes from grit. It's a special blend of passion, persistence, and perseverance for long term goals. People who have grit are able to maintain their determination and motivation over long periods despite experiences with failure and adversity. Grit is about holding the same top level goal for a very long time and it's your ultimate concern and something that gives direction and meaning to all the goals below it. There's 4 different psychological assets to grit and they are interest, hope, practice, and purpose. 

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       My favorite of the book is in chapter 1 titled "Showing Up." The reason why it's my favorite is because grit stems from showing up. In any goal you want to achieve, the only way you'll achieve is if you show up and do the work. No talent is needed to show up, it's juts a matter of determination and how bad you want it. On the first day you go to achieve your goal and fail, if you show up the next day with the mentality to beat that obstacle, that's grit. No matter how many times you fail, the only thing that matters is if you show up the next day to overcome it and that's called grit and passion. Your goal may take weeks, months, and maybe a year to complete but it all stems from showing up to achieve it. For example, in the book we read for class, "Endurance", they face many obstacles when sailing. Boats get wrecked, food is low, and they're trying to survive in harsh weather conditions. With their determination, passion, and grit they overcome obstacles and achieve their goal. 

    Also from the lecture slide we studied in class titled, "Performance," relates to grit. The Inverted-U arousal relationship relates to grit because it talks about performance and task complexity. With grit in athletic performance you don't have to have all the talent to be good. As long as you have grit and strive to be the best and pursue and become better, hard work beats talent. That relates to the inverted-u arousal relationship because when you see other competition, you become better and work harder. For me as a college athlete baseball player I'm around this everyday. I see people competing with each other daily and see people who have grit and don't. Being around the game of baseball for my whole life I've seen this many times. If you have grit you will be a successful baseball player. 

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        Grit is an awesome thing to have. If have grit you will be very successful in any thing you wish to accomplish. Not only does revive around sports, but it can revolve around anything like a job or personal goals too. Grit can help with real world problems. If you get knocked down its the courage you have to get back up and face your obstacles which is grit. This book is awesome and you can really find your true passion through grit from this book. This book will also help you with any personal problems or goals because as you read it, you will understand the true meaning of grit and it can help in your life. I really enjoyed reading this book and it helped me learn the new meaning of grit. 

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