Friday, August 7, 2020



Americans and Europeans view food very differently. Generally the more food a person is given, the more food a person will eat. This is a major problem in the united states because as a society, we are always in a rush. This means, when we are given a large portion of food, we will not take our time eating it, we will scarf it down, not allowing time for our stomachs to even register how much food we have eaten and tell our brains that we are full. Therefore, we overeat. In Europe, food is seen as a more of a social occasion. It is not rushed. They eat to nourish their bodies. (These are general statements, I am not saying everyone is like this. You may be an exception.) Below are 5 eating habits Americans should adapt to improve health. 

  1. Take your time when preparing food 
  2. Eat smaller portions 
  3. Take more time to eat
  4. Eat with others and have fun
  5. Eat real food 


  1. Over eating is a huge issue in the world we live in today. I grew up in an Italian family from New York so portion sizes were never a thing in our house. Growing into an adult I suffered with eating the proper amount for me and it wasn't until now that I actually figured it out. Eating the right amount for your body is so important to keep it healthy and fit. I honestly don't even think most people know what the proper sizes are anymore.

  2. I always find it funny when people compare American portions to European portions. It's interesting because while I am eating, I would always try to clean my plate even if I've eaten enough to satiate myself since I don't want the food to go to waste. I also have a habit of scarfing food down because I am use to having short food breaks at work. After learning more about overeating in the course, I've become increasingly mindful of just how much I eat and the portions I get at restaurants

  3. Overeating has been an issue for a very long time. From the large family dinners to the super size me meals at McDonald's, Americans love food. I think you are absolutely correct with your statement that we as Americans are always in a rush. We value our time and unfortunately that means we sacrifice our health for the convenience of what is quick and tastes good. I will admit that after a long day of work, I have no interest in wasting my time cooking, and will just as quickly grab fast food because it is convenient and takes almost no time out of my day. The only question I have as a whole is, how do we as a society learn to slow down and take our time.

  4. Very insightful, over eating is one of the biggest problems with Americans health today. what I love most about your 5 tips or habits that we could use is that they are simple and really do not require a massive change to get yourself healthy. It's something that anyone can do.

  5. Obesity is an issue that is prevalent in America. For us to understand obesity, we need to understand the importance of portion control and scarfing food down our throat. Lauren listen the five steps in doing that into a list. It starts with taking your time when preparing food ,eat smaller portions ,take more time to eat,eat with others and have fun, eat real food. I believe when she wrote "eat real food", she means more organic fruits, vegetables and meat with any preservatives and artificial ingredients.