Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Addiction is a chronic disorder with biological, mental, social, and ecological components impacting its development and maintenance. Habit can be blamed on genetics as genes influence the level of remuneration that people experience when at first utilizing a substance or participating in specific behaviors. It is also responsible for how the body processes alcohol and drugs. The urge to re-experience use of the substance or demonstrate specific behavior can be caused by psychological issues such as stress, history of trauma, and abuse, which can lead to regular or chronic use which causes changes in the brain. (Addictions, 2020)

This topic is very crucial to me since I have experience working in the field and lost two brothers to the disease. It is a neverending cycle and those who survive it and really change for the better are walking miracles. Addiction should be talked about often since it comes in many different forms and we should recognize the signs in order to spot it within our own family and circle of friends.

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