Saturday, August 8, 2020

Drug Choice Affected by Personality

Studies show that people are more motivated to use certain drugs based off their personality traits. 

People who use marijuana tend to have a higher IQ, hold unconventional ideas, are willing to try new things, might have common mental health disorders, and enjoy artistic and cultural experiences. People that use stimulants tend to score high on extraversion and openness, are prone to impulsivity, are socially confident, and are less preoccupied by negative concerns. People that use psychedelics score high on openness, are more intelligent than average, are less concerned with tidiness and punctuality, might be impulsive, and usually have a positive disposition. People that use opiates score high in neuroticism and conscientiousness. They perceive themselves as lacking something in their life and might want to be emotionally numb. They usually have unresolved issues and may have experienced trauma. They are goal-oriented, carefully carry out their duties, and over-analyze things. People who use sedatives score high on neuroticism, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. They don’t like the unknown or things that challenge the status quo. They like routines, are friendly, and might be considered a worrier.


  1. The post was filled with factual information that I was able to find many uses for. It was also very interesting to see and compare with other people I know and analyze exactly what kind of person uses what type of drug. The information was presented straight to the point and was very easy to understand. Nice post!

  2. I believe is common knowledge in mainstream media that drugs heighten your sensibilities and impact poor decision making. In America, marijuana is becoming more accepted as culturally younger people use it, entertainers and legalization in many states. I diddn't know psychedelics can cause you to heighten your intelligence and its positive enforcement to be open people who are uptight. The information here was straight to the point and personality chart on drugs shows the cause and effect of drugs too.