Thursday, August 6, 2020


The Hunt for a mate hasn’t changed much throughout our evolution, humans still look for a partner who will bear children and or protect us. However, the process in sexual selection and the traits that signal a person is a good match have changed. Women and men now look for a mate with a bigger income because money is power and power is protection. Being financially stable is a big part of being able to successfully raise children, and keep a secure household. Men and women both select their mates to produce offspring which makes me curious as to those like myself who want a partnership but don’t wish to have children. It can be argued that if a woman doesn’t have children she is a biological failure, but I can’t help thinking there is more to life and relationships then reproduction value. So does the motivation to seek a partner change when you don’t want children? I’d say most likely it doesn’t because the traits we search for are innate, and when seeking a mate you are still coveting protection due to natural instinct.

Here are a few videos about woman not wanting children I found interesting and helpful

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  1. I wouldn't say it's a biological failure to be a woman and not want kids. With human evolution, we are able to be more introspective with our life choices rather than our predecessors whose main goals were to reproduce and survive. That being said, these biological factors can still be prevalent in our selection of partners whether we know it or not. It's kind of like how a good proportion of women prefer more athletic men because that use to be a sign that that guy could protect and provide food. While that is no longer the case in modern society, these biological preferences still prevail in our selection of mates as well as our own subjective taste formulated by our own social preferences.