Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Willpower Instinct Book Report Post

    When is comes to achieving something we need the willpower to overcome that. In this book Kelly McGonigal , who is a health psychologist , explains willpower and talks about her students throughout the book. She talks about how she taught a ten week course on this and how her students tried to change for the better.  Kelly goes in depth about willpower and even has "Under the Microscope " and " Willpower Experiments" where the reader can practice their willpower and motivation. She makes the reader pick one area that they might want to change and use that when doing these activities throughout the book. This book can help organize one's thoughts by explaining biological functions, the mental traps we get ourselves into, and our social life that can influence us on a daily basis
    For me I decided I wanted to try and handle my anxiety without lashing out at people when I'm overwhelmed. I have a HORRIBLE habit of doing that and always felt so bad after. I thought this would be a good idea because it can help me with my physical and mental health overall. Towards the beginning of the book , there was a section where Kelly explains how its important to state what behavior you're exactly trying to overcome and the reason you do it. She also mentions to take your time when trying to achieve willpower, considering she squeezed ten weeks of information in one book. 
    Organizing my thoughts on it , I was able to list what exactly triggers my anxiety and why I feel that way during the moment when I give people attitude. That let alone helped a lot , and it also reminded me of one of our lecture notes on impulsive behavior and willpower. There were questions about impulsive choice like "When do we behave this way?" , "Why does it happen?" , " when do we behave this way?" and " Does it always happen?". This even put more of my challenge in depth so I can have a better understanding of why I react a certain way in certain situations. 

 This book honestly makes you think about your actions and how to just do better. When we were assigned a book report , I was so nervous I would have to read a book I wouldn't enjoy. I actually loved it and it ended up being a quick read! I wasn't able to do all the experiments in the book, but I'm looking forward to trying them. So many of her students changed their daily habits for the better. This can give someone motivation and willpower for themselves. I think this kind of mindset Kelly explains can definitely help someone change for the better and have a healthier life style.

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