Thursday, August 6, 2020

Food and motivation

The motivation to eat food is normal, but it has to be for the right reasons. Eating food is a coping mechanism for some people, so when they feel stressed, food relaxes people, compelling them to keep eating. Part of the reason this happens is because back when people were hunter gatherers they could only eat when it was safe, therefore, we feel safe while we're eating, and as humanity evolved this became a natural occurrence. In this lesson we learn about food neophobia, which is another natural instinct but has the opposite effect where individuals learn to avoid foods that make us sick. It’s fascinating how most of our food preferences and eating habits come from our natural instincts and heavily depend on where we grew up.

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  1. I really loved how you covered this topic. Food is a natural instinct that we need and depend on for survival. Physical symptoms of food prompt us to replenish our body and fill our digestive tracts with nourishment. However, as you mentioned above, many people rely on food to fulfill their emotional purposes, whether that be stress, anxiety, depression, etc. Food is a great and necessary thing we need but for physical reasons. I also love the chart as many individuals have difficulties differentiating whether they are hungry as a result of a physical or emotional need.