Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Finding a mate is very important especially for those of us who were brought up in a religious upbringing because there are expectations of what they should be like. As humans, we are made up in a way that our mind and body respond to certain stimulants. We are attracted to certain people based on specific characteristics that stimulant our mind responses. Some of us see people based on their personality and looks are not really an issue. For others, looks come first and if they like what they see then maybe a potential relationship could be established in the future.  Cultural influences also play a huge role in determining your mate. In some cultures a woman must marry a man with money and her role is solely to raise children and become a homemaker. It is fascinating the way mates are chosen based on many different factors that seem beneficial but are not always the ideal way to find a partner. 

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  1. When reading your thoughts on cultures influencing the mate you seek by there income I couldn’t help but think of the classic statement “marry rich” used all the time. Pushy family members always tell you to marry a doctor or layer, so I can see where your information applies to the modern world.