Monday, August 10, 2015

Willingness and Self-Control

Willingness is an important part of self-control when it comes to getting past an obstacle. It is a helpful way to approach a behavior change, whether it be with an alcoholic or a cigarette smoker, etc. In the ted talk "The Secret to Self Control" by Jonathan Bricker, he mentions a process called 'I am having the thought...' He has his clients say to themselves "I am having the thought that I am stressed and I need a cigarette." After this client gets used to that saying he has them add 'I'm noticing I am having the thought that I am stressed and I need a cigarette." This approach that Jonathan Bricker uses helps the individual understand that they are aware of their cravings and that they need to open up to them, This will help the individual realize that they are there and help them let those cravings go (

I believe that this part of acceptance that Bricker is pointing out could be heightened by replacing those negative thoughts with more positive thoughts. The support groups that are offered nowadays allow the individuals to bounce their circumstances off each other. This could allow each individual to give others advice on how to go through the process. When they are teaching someone else those methods, it is a positive addiction.


  1. I haven't seen that ted talk but just by reading what it was about I think it may be helpful. That concept of recognizing you are having a craving or thought is probably very helpful in reducing/eliminating them. I would take that concept and apply it to myself in relation to food. Maintaining a healthy diet is a very difficult thing to do with cravings for sweets so often. Recognizing these cravings, I'm sure, will work in the same way as with the smokers and assist in reducing the cravings.