Tuesday, August 4, 2015


            In the motivation lecture slides an interesting video was shown titled Human Mammal, Human Hunter. Sand people considered hunters of the Kalahari Desert are the last tribe, who use the most ancient technique to hunt prey. It is called the persistent hunt and they physically run down their prey. They use a hand gesture to signal when they have found their target and they follow the prey for hours, even when the prey is out of sight. They can somehow feel the rhythm of the animal’s movement’s and follow it. They hunt in silence and food is their motivation to finish the chase. They hunt to feed themselves and their families. During this hunt sometimes they lose tract of the prey and they begin to think like the prey in order to find it. The heat is overwhelming. However, the prey is finally seen. The runner of the group takes over and continues to chase the prey. The chase comes to an end, when the man or the animal collapses. In this case the animal collapses and the hunter takes the opportunity and kills it.

            It is amazing, the endurance of the hunters especially the runner of the group. The hunters never forget the purpose of the chase and the motivation drives them not to quit. Food is essential to survive and it becomes the fight for survival.

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  1. Angelica,
    This was a good topic to write about in terms of it relating to motivation. I was not able to view the video for some reason so I am going to have to search it separately in YouTube. You summarized it really well though which has sparked my interest.