Saturday, August 1, 2015


Something that I found very interesting while reading about the exploration of Shackleton and his crew was how they were able to survive in such a freezing an desolate environment. Even without technology or modern medicine, they were able to attain shelter and food and persevere through their struggle. Unfortunately, at one point of their journey the men were forced to kill their sled dogs. I am sure that this was the most difficult things for them to do because of the companionship that dogs provided. I personally love dogs dearly and quenched while reading that portion of the story, however I understood the necessity for it because they needed food.

Something else that I took notice of while reading this book was how effective the men were at managing their stress. I can’t imagine how I would be if I were living on floating piece of ice hoping that the wind would blow me in the right direction. It truly shows how people can work together to achieve a goal. 

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  1. This was definitely something that I thought of constantly while reading this book. How are these men surviving so long without modern technology. Then again I understand that if we were in the same situation and we lose our ability to use technology we would have to relay on our own senses and abilities to function without them. These men were hard at work trying to survive and they knew coming into this expedition that it could get very difficult for them. But yet something about the adventure still spurred them on to take the journey. I think my biggest fear like yours would be that the ice wold break underneath them and they would fall into deathly ice water, not to mention the frostbite they experience. It is remarkable how the human body can somewhat adapt to such harsh weather all because you push yourself through it.