Saturday, August 1, 2015

Foods that are different

When I first looked at the video of the people digging for rats and breaking their necks and cooking and eating them, I almost couldn't watch it because it was so unpleasant to me. But then I thought to myself if the food was scarce in the area I would do the same thing too. Whether its good for you or not most of us are able to get more of a food source. There are places that don't eat chicken and some people frown upon that. My dad quit eating meats about 7 years ago and if he did eat it again meat probably would taste bad to him. Obviously eating things your not used to or you may find weird wont kill you as long as its cleaned and prepared properly.


  1. When I had watch the video of rats being eaten I thought well people in america eat squirrels which is also in the rodent family so its not too much different. I also watch the cooking of spider's video which was difficult as I have a very high irrational fear of them. I grew up in a home were we had two different cultures. It was hard for friends of mind to understand why we ate what we ate. On the other hand there were many who were willing and enjoyed trying something new. It all comes down to perspective I guess. What are we willing to open ourselves up to. I think food is one of the best ways to communicate with other cultures that are different than we are. Its not just the food that your opening up to but the person with whom you are sitting eat with.

  2. The truth of the matter is that all foods are health foods. The variety of foods that are available has their purpose and uses. The food that grows in one region is a balanced food for that region and is not superior to those that grow in another which is also the food that is very appropriate for that region. Everything is where it should be. papasurvey