Tuesday, August 4, 2015


             I found the reproduction section of our lectures very interesting. There was a link in regards to research on physical attractiveness in one of the lecture slides for reproduction.  The research was about characteristics of beautiful faces for both men and females. Two pictures were posted with a “sexy face” and “unsexy face” for both a female and a male. Blending four unattractive faces together and blending four attractive faces together created both prototypes. The following characteristics were reported for the attractiveness for a female: Suntanned skin, narrower facial shape, less fat, fuller lips, slightly bigger distance of eyes, darker, narrower eye brows, more/longer/darker lashes, higher cheek bones, narrower nose, no eye rings and thinner lids.  The following characteristics were reported for the attractiveness for a male:  Browner skin, narrower facial shape, less fat, fuller and more symmetrical lips, darker eye brows, more/darker lashes, upper half of the face broader in relation to the lower, higher cheek bones, prominent lower jaw, more prominent chin, no receding brows, thinner lids and no wrinkles between nose and corner of the mouth.

             In general, people with higher physical attractiveness are very good at attracting mates. Attractiveness is important to men when selecting a woman, however, a women prefers someone who is more financial stable. Mate poaching is a term that refers to a person who attempts to attract another person already in a relationship and males are more affected by it than females. However, when choosing a mate beauty is definitely not the only determining factor. Other factors include sharing the same interest, emotionally stability, responsible, and etc. are also important.

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  1. I found this interesting as well because all too often we are told that looks do not matter, it is the personality that does. However here is the science saying that looks do matter, and to a further extent than we give credit for. I completely agree with your points though that it is a combination of things in the end.