Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shackleton's Incredible Voyage blog post-drugs

Drugs play a big part in society, be it pharmaceutical drugs, to the illegal kind, we are a drug based society. One of the biggest usages of these drugs comes in the form of tobacco. Tobacco can be smoked, chewed, and even snorted and has been around for ages. It contains a chemical called nicotine, and this very addictive ingredient. The effects of tobacco can be seen even in the story of Shackleton's Incredible voyage because when the men run out of their tobacco supply, pandemonium occurs and the men try to smoke anything that seems even remotely possible to smoke. They even try to smoke sennegrass but they made note of how it was not even close to tobacco at all. I think this strong urge to smoke shows what effects drugs can have on the body, and even in perilous conditions like this, how it can effect someone psychologically. Many find smoking to have a therapeutic property hence why they do it, and so when this form of relaxation came to pass, they had to find a way to somehow replicate it.

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  1. Wow very nice post so I loved to read it. It is a great connection to the book and I enjoyed thoroughly reading Shackleton's adventures and the book itself. :)

    I know this is not part of the class, but reading and going through all these posts is quite innovative and communicative. This is the benefit of the internet, this website, and college as a whole. Plus with the benefits of accounts, school accounts, and google ones, we can all communicate with one another and can see each others knowledge, aspects, and opinions.