Tuesday, August 11, 2015


As my third and final post regarding Shackleton and his incredible voyage, I am going discuss an array of topics.  For starters, when I read the portion about Worsley and how depressed he was at the thought of him losing his diary; I finally realized how much danger they were actually in.  The fact that he was saddened by thought of no one knowing their story; or how close they came to survival forced me to actually analyze the perils of their journey.  I youtubed videos of the drake passage and it looks terrifying; and they did it in an open 22 foot boat.

On another note; I think the team was a bit short sighted; and do not think their voyage was that incredible.  For starters, the author notes in the beginning that Shackleton was aware that the Endurance was not the right kind of boat to handle ice.  So, he started out with the wrong equipment and tools; and if you have the wrong equipment and tools, you should not do the job.  In addition,  16 year old girls say, "I'm going on a date, if you do not hear from me by ___ time, call the police."  Could not Shackleton's crew have done something similar?  "If you do not hear form me in ___ months, send a search crew"  Their ice pack also followed along the cost of Antartica in the Weddell sea, couldn't they just jumped on land and continue their expedition?  I feel like there are a lot of holes here, especially when you look at the map of the path the Endurance traveled when trapped in ice.