Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Importance of Shackleton's Leadership-Post #1

Shackleton made great efforts to make this expedition possible. Having tried three times before showed much determination. That in and of itself shows a great leader who still continues to strive for his goal finding every avenue to get to it. He was good at organizational behavior in such, that he was able to understand the personalities of his crew members and how they would interact with each other. When the crew had left the ship and stayed on floes, he made sure his crew were dispersed in such a way that would keep peace during the difficult times. With every decision he made it was cautious because he had the weight of other people's lives on his shoulders. When team members see that their leader is working hard to keep peace and function as a group it inspires them to work hard. With proper motivation and leadership it is will help any group move close to their current goals.