Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Book Report

General Overview

The Power of Habit explores the science behind habits.  The books outlines what habits are and how they rule our lives; from addictions to routine habits.  The author defines how to reinvigorate and intervene in your own life by identifying a habit and noting what the true outcome of a habit is.  Self volition is major contributor to breaking habits and volition  can be developed and toned.

Favorite Part

My favorite part of the book was the discussions on the corporations and the time and money they invest in researching and understanding habits.  I think Starbucks was my favorite story in how Starbucks influences employees and helps them develop their character as a person.  Starbucks uses many models to teach employees how to handle and react to varying situations.


There was an employee that was discussed who had a temper problem and grew up in a non structured environment. He dropped out of High School and no level of attention span. Starbucks' training program helped him develop into a better person and put him on the right track by training him to remain calm and be aware of situations. The employee went on to become a manager over time.