Monday, August 3, 2015

Kyle Chudzinski


Post # 3- Motivation and incentives

Today I really wanted to talk about what truly motivates people and what incentives entice this motivation. What often drives us is choice and specific behaviors that we perform to attain an incentive. Choice is defined as selecting among motives to satisfy or incentives to attain. Everyone has goals and objectives they accomplish in life. For example, some people choose to go to medical school chasing a fat paycheck or notoriety. The money and notoriety would be the incentives in this case. Incentives like this are what motivate people for life in certain instances. The incentives themselves from person to person. The way we behave shows how much we truly want the incentives that life has to offer. A few characteristics are of this goal driven behavior are duration, intensity, frequency and persistence. The inverted U- arousal - relationship indicates as stimulation or arousal increases, performance increases, levels off and declines. A clear example of this expression would be a man increasing his performance level to attain a woman. The man would kick into overdrive and would be highly stimulated to accomplish his goal. The whole principle of this matter is that life has many incentives to offer and the individual chooses which to pursue. Most people pursue the most rewarding incentive.

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