Sunday, August 2, 2015


After looking over the slides, I found it interesting about the innate preferences humans and animals have on food. Such as a baby enjoying the taste of something sweet instead of something sour and bitter. In the book Endurance By Alfred Lansing, Shackleton makes the cook put blubber into the stew for the crew members, Shackleton was disguising the blubber into the stew so the crew members would eat it without knowing what it was. Over time after adding the blubber into the stew this caused mere exposure effect which increased the crew members liking of the blubber because they were starving.

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  1. Great post! As gross as I thought that part was in the book, it was a smart move on Shackleton so that his crew didn't starve to death. It was also interesting to see how the crew came to like or tolerate the blubber as well.