Sunday, August 2, 2015


I watched the film within the slides about tonic immobility on youtube. When the scientists would turn the baby sharks upside down, the shark would enter a catatonic state. The scientists explained that this way due to a sensory overload because it’s not a natural position for the shark to be placed in. This allowed the scientists to test their new shark repellent that appeared to irritate the shark. I am hopeful that this shark repellent does go through more rigorous testing and is found to be effective. One of my passions in life is surfing and I’ve always had a fear that a shark is going to pop up one of these days. Especially since there has been an influx of shark sightings along the southern coast of New Jersey.

I did find it a little ironic that the scientists felt that sharks have an unfair reputation due to their representation on the media. Their show is being broadcasted on the discovery which is responsible for the famous ‘shark week’ show that I’m sure is responsible for contributing societies fear of these creatures.  

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  1. Andrew, your post was really interesting and I found it cool that the sharks have a sensory overload when they are flipped upside down, I agree with you on having the shark repellent have more testing because of the amount of shark attacks that have been happening and the amount of sharks that are appearing on the jersey shores.