Monday, November 5, 2012

Post Four

When survival was no longer an option on the floes the men knew it was time to set foward.  Especially when one of their men fell right through the ice into the freezing water.  Patience Camp was finally in their past.  Once set sail and even separated the current took them far East.  Trying to find land where there was supposed to be supplies and food the men did not give up.  Shakleton was afraid the men were losing their optimism, and were at their breaking points.  The men lived in their boats, and had no protection from the outside temperature, weather conditions, and splashes of frozen water soaking them.  Blackboro's feet were announced dead.  His leather boots were wet and he could no longer feel his feet.  Hudson's hands were frostbitten, and he was in pain otherwise.  Everyone was sick, hungry, thirsty, and exhausted in everyway.  Once ashore land, the men found eachother and set up a safe camp to rest.  It was exciting for them to have made some kind of progress or change before continuing forward anymore.  Although the men had had enough way before now they still keep moving.  The mindset of these men is amazing.  Having recently losing power from Hurricane Sandy we should not be complaining that it is cold, when a story like this is so much more severe.  Motivation in the men is underlying their conditions for now.  I am impressed with where they are in this section of the book. 


  1. I myself am impressed with the motivation that these men have to keep pushing. As you just stated, Sandy hit many of us hard, some harder than other. Me personally, my power was only out for about 21hours and I was complaining about there not being any heat when these seaman slept on ice! I could not image doing anything like that.

  2. I liked how you compared the high motivation of the men on their journey to the attitudes of those badly affected by Hurricane Sandy! Those that were affected by Sandy most definitely would have had to keep motivation much like the men did. In both situations, especially the men, it is very impressive.