Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post 4

As I get further along in the Endurance, I began to feel dishearted for these seaman and all that they have gone through this far. The are not sleeping in the most desireable place. The food that they are eating such as seal blubber and dog is not something anyone thinks of having for a meal. On the top of that, they are sleeping on top of ice and some days water. Up until part four, they came across land. These men have not seen land in months! All of the things they have been through, I would appreciate the land because I wouldnt have to sleep on ice, water, and slush but now they are sleeping on rocks. One man actually had an heart attack! The things these seaman endure are unbelieve but they still have the will to go on this adventure. If it was me, I think I would have been stopped.


  1. I sometimes wonder...Why did they not stop? but there really was no way to stop. It is not like they could walk home...I assume sheer motivation was surival and that there was no other way and they had to make the best of ..Amazes me that these men were "Surival if the Fittest"

  2. I agree with you and feel that if it was me I would most likely have stopped by now under such horrible circumstances. I give these men a lot of credit for how hard they pushed themselves to continue on their journey. I would appreciate the land as well after having to put up with all of the hardship these men did.

  3. Yeah, Camilla I wondered the same thing and then realized they were out in the ocean there really wasn't anywhere they could stop. Then I thought about how crazy I thought they were to even go on this journey in the first place, I know I would never do that ha-ha.