Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post 5

Although the men have finally reached land, this section just goes to show that there were still exciting and challenging times ahead. They have finally reached land and just as quickly have to move to a different piece of land because Elephant Island was not sufficient. Then just after a few days they have to say goodbye to Shackleton and a few of the other crew members in hopes they will return with a relief ship. Luckily, they do not have severe rations on food anymore and are allowed to eat on a more normal basis. This piece of land has penguins and some seals and the men are craving sugary things so the sugar cubes help with that. I liked how they were able to save some and take turns eating some in excess. I also enjoyed the chapter of this book that had described how they built their hut. I found it very creative and handy of the men. They did not give up until they found a way to shield themselves from the cold conditions. The chapter detailing poor Blackboro's foot was a bit grotesque. I felt sorry for him. That must've been a terrible time for him. He was probably a lot more relieved after his amputation though in the long run. I can't imagine waiting everyday for the hope of seeing a mast or sail of another ship coming their way to save them. It's almost like a false hope day in and day out but the men seem optimistic mostly up until the end of this section. The pack ice seems to be closing them in which is definitely something to worry about. I also agreed when they had said they were kind of bored with nothing really to do day after day. They did simple things like collect food and etc but from going to being so hands on and busy and alert to having nothing to do but wait really must've been difficult. After all the sections thus far, the motivation of these men still amazes me; probably more and more after each section. Despite everything they have endured they are still putting up the good fight. I am excited to finish reading this book.

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  1. The section about Blackboro's amputation was hard to read. I also felt bad for him. I was impressed that during his surgery he did not flinch though. It really showed how strong these men are. I do not think I would be able to sit and wait day in and day out and still be generally optimistic at the end of each day.