Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Part 5

After over a year at sea, setting foot on land. The obstacles and their motivation still continues, however. They set up camp and finally get sleep and food after many sleepless nights and little, if any food. Although they were able to sleep, eat and hunt, Elephant Island didn't seem fit for the seamen. Shackleton and a few of the men decide to take the best ship to search for South Georgia. For the rest of the men, survival and waiting would drag on for many weeks, even months. This took a lot of motivation to wait for the return if Shackleton. The men on the island don't know when or even if they will return. I'm not sure how I would feel if I had to wait for the return of someone at sea unknowing if they will actually return. The seamen must be strong minded. The only thing about waiting on the island that may be somewhat beneficial is the ability to sleep, hunt, eat, and pay attention to any medical problems the men experienced while at sea like frostbite. The amputation part of the section was sickening. I couldn't fathom to think of that happening to me. I'm very disgusted and grossed by blood and needles, especially with the cleanliness of the items used. These men have nothing like this on the island. It's just amazing the amount of strength they have to deal with on the island, let alone the entire expedition.


  1. this was a good post. Elephant Island was not a good place to be for these men. But again they knew this and they still had their motivation.

  2. Great post, I agree that the men must have been strong minded after a year of traveling and now they have to deal with this island. Atleast they are on land now!