Thursday, November 29, 2012

post 4

I think it is crazy how these men have ti keep going through all of these tasks throughout this journey. They are continuously running out of food, the brutal cold weather has to be unbearable so everything else that these poor men have to go through. For some reason their motivation continues though. They just want to get through this and finish out the journey and make their captain happy. The fact that these men are so motivated to do this amazes me. If I were in their situation i would never be able to get through this. I feel that it has to be so difficult to do this and actually get through it.


  1. That's how I feel too. Personally, I don't think I would've been this optimistic if I had been in their shoes. And I wouldn't have been this motivated to go on. Their strength, courage, and motivation to survive is truly admirable.

  2. I think a huge part of their motivation is the human drive for survival. Once put in a situation where your life is threatened, I think for the most part people will do whatever it takes to insure they stay alive. Also, at this point the men have already dealt with so many hardships and have gotten so close to their destination that it would almost seem completely pointless to give up.

  3. I beleive that the men really had no choice but to stay opimistic and work with one another, because if they were'nt, none of them would be alive. Many people sell themselves short and say they wouldn't have been able to make this journey. However, if placed in the men's shoes, I think many of us would realize how far we can truly push ourselves.