Monday, November 26, 2012

Post 4

     I cannot believe how much these men are continuously tested and it is even more amazing to see how strong these men are in being able to endure such harsh conditions. If I had to undergo a journey that consisted of limited food, cold weather, deteriorating health, and not stepping foot on land for over a year, I probably would have died after the first month. It makes you rethink life and your mindset on it. When the men see Elephant island, they are thrilled and just can’t wait to step foot on land. Here I am everyday complaining about such little things and expecting so much. These men are truly inspiring. Also, the fact that they told the man who was losing his feet to gangrene that he could step foot on the island first was very considerate and noble.


  1. I particularly enjoyed that they encouraged the man to potentially take his last steps on the island. I agree with it being very considerate and noble especially after all these men have been through!

  2. The part of this section that seemed to jump out to me the most when I read it was when they said that the men have not stepped foot onto land in over a year. That seems almost impossible to fathom in my mind and when I was on a cruise (a luxurious cruise that was more of an all inclusive resort than a boat!), two and a half days of not being on land seemed like a month to me. I remember this thought crossed my mind when the men reached Elephant Island, and I could only imagine what seeing this land must have been like to these men. I thought the same thing as you though Jess when I read the section and even wrote so in my reflection of this section that I thought it was great of the men to allow the man who would have to have his foot amputated to be the first person to step onto the island because something as simple as that could have been so uplifting at such a terrible point in his life.