Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Endurance Post 4

As conditions got worse for the men, their attitudes remained the same. At this point the men had little food, they were cold, and barely slept. Dealing with these kind of conditions makes it worse for the journey. If they run out of food the men will starve to death, if they don't sleep they will start hallucinating and this takes a beating on their health, and if they don't stay warm they will freeze. Knowing this about the men makes me want to help them. Even though the men were in rough conditions they didn't have anything to say about it; no complaints. I don't know how these men are still standing, they just keep dealing with disappointments, they are probably wondering when it is going to end. From the way it sounds they were uncomfortable not only mentally, but physically. I feel as if the men are definitely wearing down and losing their motivation. I know if I was in their situation I would have been gone when they started eating blubber!! YUCK!!!


  1. I agree!! I cannot believe all that these men have been through! I wish I could just get a boat and pick them all up with a bunch of cheeseburgers waiting for them on board.

  2. I cannot believe the men agreed to continue after all they have been through. Your point about hallucinating is great, im surprised more of the men did not go crazy and "freak out".